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Music World News

The IMC Music World News presents music news from around the world brought to you by the International Music Council. The bulletin is emailed to subscribers every two weeks and it reaches more than 70 countries on all five continents. Click here to subscribe.  

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Issue 17/2020 – 22 September 2020

Music World News is divided into six sections. Scroll through or, if you wish, click on one of the sections to be taken straight to those stories.

Music the artform and artists

How Wagner Shaped Hollywood

The composer has infiltrated every phase of movie history, from silent pictures to superhero blockbusters.

The New Yorker

Here Is the Wild as Hell Story Behind ‘Lambada,’ a Cultural Shift Forgotten in Time

In 2020, “Lambada” seems like little more than a bleep in pop culture history; it’s hard to picture the massive worldwide phenomenon it was.


5 Ghanaian female artists to watch

Ghana is constantly bubbling with an ever-growing list of gifted female acts staking their claim as successors to the country’s current pop pillars.

Music in Africa

Start Here: Your Guide To Getting Into K-Pop

If Top 40 in America wanted solo singers so soft every breath was caught on mic over a mid-tempo chorus, K-pop appeared to offer a genre-less alternative: constant stimulation, euphoria delivered in eight to 10 melodies and fantastical harmonies in a single track.


Stevie Wonder : un chanteur engagé et une légende de la soul musique

Comment Stevie Wonder a-t-il révolutionné la musique noire et l'industrie du disque ?


La historia detrás de la canción "más Bob Dylan" de los Beatles

Lennon reconoció la influencia de Dylan en la balada «You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away».

Indie Hoy

Music Industry

UK music fans snap up 65,000 cassettes in 2020

Nearly 65,000 music cassettes were sold in the UK in the first six months of 2020, according to the Official Charts Company.


Vinyl records outsell CDs in US for first time since 1980s

Report on first half of 2020 finds that vinyl makes up 62% of physical music revenue.

The Guardian

‘If Drake Goes Independent, the Music Business Is Done’

The industry veteran also revealed: "Drake is about to get the biggest bag in the history of the music business by far."


Post-confinement, l’industrie musicale va devoir changer

Etre parquer dans un enclos pour regarder un concert. Des artistes superstars qui retardent la sortie de leurs grands disques... Ces derniers mois, les fans de musique ont dû faire face à une série de déceptions et de bizarreries que l’industrie musicale sera heureuse d’oublier.

Rolling Stones

El año negro de la música electrónica

Ingresos del 56% menos con respecto al año pasado en la industria y alrededor de 350 festivales cancelados en el mundo.

El Periodico

Music Education

Does music really make kids smarter?

Studies claiming that playing music gives youngsters an academic boost have circulated for decades, but now their results are being called into question.


Copyright Guidance for Distance Learning for Music Educators

As music educators across the country are engaging in distance learning this fall, it is important that they understand the copyright laws in this environment.


Why governments must recognise the importance of an arts-based education

Education is a powerful medium that can bring positive change. A reconsideration of what we teach, and how, is required in order to account for the social, cultural and economic differences and similarities embodied within the changing society and contemporary student cohort.

Monash University

En Angleterre, il est possible de passer son brevet des collèges spécialisé dans le Djing

Les jeunes Anglais peuvent désormais effectuer un parcours entièrement consacré à l’apprentissage du DJing dans le cadre de leur GCSE, l’équivalent du brevet des collèges en France.

Tsugi Magazine

¿Qué música escuchan sus hijos?

Los niños también merecen que le eduquen el oído. Dé el salto más allá de las melodías machaconas de siempre.

El Correo

Policy, Research & Politics

Ten NGOs comdemn death sentence for Nigerian singer Yahaya Sharif-Aminu

The International Music Council and other NGOs have written to Kano State Governor (Nigeria), to call for the dropping of charges against 22-year old singer Yahaya Sharif-Aminu, sentenced to death by hanging for blasphemy.

Read More

11-Year-Old Scores Viral Rap Hit but Trips on Gaza Politics

Abdel Rahman al-Shantti became a Palestinian rap star when his video went viral. His trouble began when he advocated “love between us and Israel.”

The New York Times

Jazz Has Always Been Protest Music. Can It Meet This Moment?

Over the past 50 years, the music has become entrenched in academic institutions. As a result, it’s often inaccessible to, and disconnected from, many of the very people who created it: young Black Americans.

The New York Times

Facebook veut interdire les DJ set en livestream à partir du 1er octobre

Alors que le confinement a poussé les artistes à adopter de nouvelles méthodes pour diffuser et faire écouter leur musique, Facebook a décidé d’interdire les vidéos « dédiées à la création d’une expérience musicale », y compris les diffusions live.

Trax Mag

La música que rescata el quechua

El protagonismo del quechua en la música está destinado a crecer, así como su legitimidad.

El País

Technologies and media

‘Now Hear This’ modeled itself after cooking shows. It found millions of viewers with an appetite for classical music

The bad news is that the entire classical music world (well, the American part, anyway) is canceled due to technical difficulties. The good news is that the entire classical music world is also technically at our fingertips, ready to play.

The Washington Post

Musicians beat pandemic blues with Quaver

Whilst social distancing during the Coronavirus pandemic has put most creative musical collaborations on ice, the Quaver app allows 'orchestra quality’ practice, play and critique through innovative technology and social sharing.

Cision PR

This music start-up’s AI makes sound decisions

Defending your taste in music is usually a bit of fun over a pub table, but for those in the music industry these choices define fortune or failure.

Business Cloud

Elon Musk dit que la technologie Neuralink pourrait diffuser de la musique directement vers le cerveau

Le patron de SpaceX et Tesla a concentré son attention sur Neuralink, un système innovant de puces cérébrales. Selon Elon, la technologie pourrait «aider à contrôler les niveaux d’hormones», ce qui pourrait «améliorer les capacités et le raisonnement et soulager l’anxiété».

Urban Fusions

Esta tecnología convierte el papel normal en un reproductor de música interactivo

Imagina convertir una hoja convencional de papel o cartón en un material impermeable, interactivo y capaz de recolectar energía o reproducir música.

TIC Beat

The Pointy End

The jazz singer’s mind shows us how to improvise through life itself

At one point during the aptly titled opening song ‘Feed the Fire’ at the 1993 Hamburg Jazz Festival, the improvising singer par excellence Betty Carter went to sing a line but the audience heard nothing – her microphone lead had dropped out of its socket.


John Cage Fans Celebrate Chord Change In 639-Year-Long Performance

The score for Cage’s 1987 work “Organ2/ASLSP,” or “As Slow As Possible,” consists of eight pages of music to be played ... extremely slowly. And while a typical performance would last maybe an hour, the John Cage Organ Project is taking that “as slow as possible” directive very seriously.


Pop music is getting faster (and happier)

The average tempo of 2020's top 20 best-selling songs is a pulse-quickening 122 beats per minute. That's the highest it's been since 2009.


Pourquoi les berceuses sont-elles si bénéfiques pour les bébés?

Pourquoi chante-t-on des berceuses à son bébé ? Pour l’endormir, d'accord, mais pas seulement. Les berceuses ont des bénéfices insoupçonnés sur le cerveaux des tout-petits. Explications en sept points.

France Musique

Música pode ser aliada na recuperação de pacientes oncológicos

Estudo mostrou influência dos sons, inclusive em pacientes submetidos a anestesia geral.