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Music World News

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Issue 18/2020 – 02 October 2020

Music World News is divided into six sections. Scroll through or, if you wish, click on one of the sections to be taken straight to those stories.

Music the artform and artists

Top Naija Afrobeats songs of 2020

The Nigerian Afrobeats scene has witnessed a surge in worldwide following. This is expected to get even bigger in 2020 as Nigerian artists continue to release banging dance hits.

Music in Africa

Gharanas, the anchor of Hindustani music spawned by Mughal decline

The origin of the gharana tradition is traced back to the time when the Mughal empire was at its twilight, and art and culture of the court, disintegrated to find new homes in the princely states.

The Indian Express

Where to Start With the Essential Jazz and Soul of Mainstream Records

From 1964 to 1978, Mainstream Records served as a hub for jazz and soul musicians who never quite achieved mainstream prominence.


Le pouvoir expressif et affectif des tonalités

Depuis la musique modale de la Grèce antique et à travers l’histoire de la musique classique, les différentes tonalités musicales expriment prétendument des sentiments uniques de manière innée.

France Musique

La música en español dio un salto sin precedentes en 2018 gracias a la canción 'Despacito'

Partiendo del contexto de la panlatinidad del siglo XIX, Eduardo Viñuela presta especial atención al desarrollo del pop en las últimas décadas, en especial en el 'boom latino' de los años noventa.

Europa Press

Music Industry

The Economic Impact of Public Radio's Music Activities

The music activities of public radio stations in Europe have a massive economic impact of EUR 3.1 billion. Those music activities support more than 17,000 jobs directly and more than 50,000 jobs in total, including suppliers and their procurement through the value chain.


Music piracy hasn’t gone away – it’s just changed shape

Spotify’s apparent ability to decimate the popularity of online piracy has long been held up as a key B2B benefit of the platform – as well as a repeated justification for the continuation of its free tier across the world. But has music piracy really disappeared in the Spotify age?

Music Business Worldwide

The anti-Spotify: How online music company Bandcamp became the toast of the COVID age

Like a skyrocketing number of independent artists, Swift went with Bandcamp. The platform, with its artist-first business model, has since its birth in 2008 become a player in the music streaming wars by celebrating niche communities while promising a radically transparent approach to royalties.

Los Angeles Times

Streaming musical : des miettes derrière le mirage

La faute, encore et toujours, à une répartition des recettes calculée selon un système de «pot commun», dont les artistes et ayants droit bénéficient à la mesure de leur part de marché sur les plateformes.


Les salió competencia a Spotify y a YouTube en música por 'streaming'

Amazon entra al 'juego' con más de 60 millones de canciones con máxima calidad de audio.

El Tiempo

Music Education

Bans on singing and woodwind instruments risk 'existential threat to music'

Choirs and woodwind instruments were banned in schools last month amid concerns they expelled dangerous levels of droplets, while community bands and orchestras were given strict distancing rules that many said were inconsistent or unworkable.

The Sydney Morning Herald

Believe in Music: Fall Webinar Series

NAMM Foundation programming for Believe in Music includes fall webinars (Sept.-Dec.) for college faculty and students, music educators, music service organizations, music makers and more.


How 9 Music Schools Are Adapting As They Reopen This Fall

When the pandemic reached the United States just over six months ago, students were in the middle of their spring semesters. Many of these schools had to suddenly pivot as they reluctantly embraced a fully online format.


Comment mettre la musique au service des apprentissages ?

De nombreux enfants congolais ont des troubles spécifiques d’apprentissage. Ils éprouvent des difficultés dans la lecture, en écriture et d'autres ont du mal à bien s'exprimer ou à calculer.

Radio Okapi

Educación musical y educación sonora

Este trabajo expone los argumentos iniciales y generales sobre los que se fundamenta la idea, según la cual, se considera posible abordar la educación sonora, en el ámbito de la educación musical infantil.

Sul Ponticello

Policy, Research & Politics

Iran: Musician faces jail for working with women dancers, singers

Iranian musician Mehdi Rajabian has said he is under house arrest as he awaits trial for working with female dancers and singers, in the country’s latest move to stop female artists from performing.

Al Jazeera

The 25 most political bands

Politics and music go hand in hand. And there have been, and continue to be, several prominent groups that have consistently made a good living delivering its respective ideologies to the masses.

Yard Baker

Live venues are the lifeblood of music culture and must survive

People use live music as a resource to help feed and nourish their emotions, for heightening or changing their energy levels and as a platform to escape the constraints of everyday life.

The Conversation

Musique et politique

De l’opéra au rap, de la chanson à texte à la techno sans mots, la musique se trouve souvent liée à des combats collectifs auxquels elle donne leur hymne.

Le Monde Diplomatique

Las protestas históricas de Chile a través de su música

De Víctor Jara y Violeta Parra a la nueva generación de músicos como Ana Tijoux, Yorka, o Las Tesis, pasando por Los Prisioneros, estos son los himnos del descontento de los chilenos.

El País

Technologies and media

Orchestral manoeuvres in a car park: does drive-in opera hit the high notes?

John Lennon once asked the people in the cheap seats to clap and the others to rattle their jewellery. Here, cyclists clap, motorists honk.

The Guardian

Has Music Become a Disposable Commodity?

Our relationship to recorded sound has changed a lot. So has the way we listeners interact with the artists we're most devoted to.


Inventé il y a 25 ans, le MP3 a révolutionné l’industrie musicale

Le célèbre format de compression fête ses 25 ans. Retour sur une innovation qui a transformé notre manière de consommer la musique.

Le Nouvelliste

Música tridimensional, ¿tecnología del futuro?

Primero fue el mono. Luego el estéreo. Después del surround. Ahora es el momento del audio inmersivo.

Cultur Plaza

The Pointy End

The Hidden Costs of Streaming Music

Listening to music on the Internet feels clean, efficient, environmentally virtuous. Instead of accumulating heaps of vinyl or plastic, we unpocket our sleek devices and pluck tunes from the ether.

The New Yorker

Music on the brain

A new study looks at differences between the brains of Japanese classical musicians, Western classical musicians and nonmusicians.

Science Daily

Beethoven ‘cancelled’? Why people are debating whether the Fifth Symphony is elitist

Two classical music podcasters have sparked an explosive debate: is Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony a “symbol of elitism and exclusion”?

Classic FM

Comment sont nées les comédies musicales ?

Quels sont les secrets de Starmania ?Qu’est-ce qu’une comédie musicale? Comment est né ce genre théâtral mêlant comédie, chant et danse? Pourquoi Broadway, célèbre avenue de New York, en est devenu l’emblème ?


La música ayuda al cerebro a formar recuerdos a largo plazo

Debido a que las emociones mejoran los procesos de la memoria y la música evoca emociones fuertes, esta podría participar en la formación de recuerdos.

La Red 21


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