The ensemble - Newsletter October 2020

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As North America churns, dedicated Sistema work is both more difficult and more essential than ever. Take this time to re-center yourself, learn about the good work your colleagues are doing, and catch up with the rest of the field. And then go make sure you’re registered to vote—many states have already begun accepting absentee ballots.

In this October Ensemble, an Indiana organization reflects on its core mission to provide music as a birthright for all. In New Orleans, a program adapts to its families’ needs, and stronger relationships follow. And ITAC’s founder encourages us to embrace the potency of our work. You’ll also learn about new grants, teaching resources, and many opportunities for connection.

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Music as a Birthright in Elkhart County

Hillary Harder, Program Director, ECoSistema, Indiana
In Elkhart County, Indiana, our goal is to provide all people with equitable access to quality music education from birth to young adulthood. We believe music is a birthright for every child in our community—that the extraordinary benefits of music education should be built into the fabric of every young person’s upbringing. It’s not a coincidence that the name of our program, ECoSistema (Elkhart County El Sistema), means “ecosystem” in Spanish: we believe that the El Sistema-inspired field can have the greatest impact when we take the overlapping systems already in place in our community and build music into them.

Editorial: Waking the Sleeping Giant

Eric Booth, Founder, ITAC
Every two years, the international field of teaching artists gathers at ITAC (the International Teaching Artist Conference), the first global network of artists who work in communities and schools. ITAC5 just ended; it was based this year in Seoul, South Korea, but was forced by the pandemic to become the first virtual ITAC. ITACs always sell out, with 50% of the seats reserved for the home country and the rest allocated to delegates from 20-plus other countries. Most delegates describe the immersive experience as lifechanging.